Vermilion Chapter 4

Chapter 4

 Silk worms take great care to bring them into colour. 
They must be cleaned, kept
dry and fed.  

Silence is a must but
singing is encouraged.
They say that song is what's needed to mature  them to colour.

But there is really no way of knowing the colour that they will spin when fully spinning.

Weaver found him self very found of all his team of colours, each worm spun a different colour and as any artist knows is that all the colours are necessary to express the message and keep the balance in the work.

Artist know but Mothers are quick to deny that their is always the one that is most favoured.
The ....... Vermilion.

Some of the brightest colours were so highly priced by Weaver.
Weaver knew his life would not be happy without them.

Vermilion slept in Weaver's pocket or perched on his head, they loved each other so.


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