Little Feet Chapter 5

Chapter 5
That is so weird, I have always thought you should be able to grow your own house.....!
Of course you can grow your own house how else would you make it?
You know find wood. 
Yes that is what you do find wood.

We just found this tree, it will make a good little summer place.
You can't walk that far so we will climb about half way up.
We must make it far enough away from the water ...ah the river under the tree.
So we will not be swept away in the night from rain raising the we... you know.......... sleep. 
Sorry for being so short, I am very tired and need a bed.
The sun is too hot I just need to get a little further up this tree and.
Soon the strings were released from her pouch and before little feet's eyes a small
pod was being  wove up in the tree above his head.
Little feet could not look up any longer and soon lie asleep on the ground.
The Pod 
released itself slowly at first, the long spine was put down facing the blue above.
 After sitting it on the v of two tree branches she passed a oil over the stem. 
Then you could see the motion under the green pod shell.
Not long after that a small roundness popped out from the top seam of the pod. 

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