Summer Home Chapter 7

Chapter 7

 The tree pod was not long in making it's frame after budding.
Green tentacles flew up the tree after there first appearance.
Then like magic, the frame of the summer home was made.
All that was needed now was for the walls, roof and floor to grow into place.
The roof was made from a couple of branches just down from the main canopy of the tree.
The top of the frame webbed out from the the v in the tree.
Tentacles grew from the spine of the roof. 
From there the green rolled out the skeleton of leaves and 
then the leaves filled in to make a roof for shade and the rain.

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momamama said...

Author's Note:
I just heard the sad news today of the death of a little boy that was struck by lightening a week or so ago.
It was just north of Toronto here and
wanted to start writing about my character "little feet" on hearing of the accident.
My desire for was "little feet" to have a home, a healer and an experience of wonder during his recovering.