Time Chapter 8

 Healer could hear the soft breaths of sleep coming from little feet.
The presents kept watch over little feet as he slept.

Yak & Spat flew to and from were little feet was sleeping.
So many new places to hide and seek in the tree house.

 Healer was always amused with their antics, 
The presents were not good pets but always good company. 

The presents names were Yak and Spat,
 Yak was a coyote and Spat was a fox.
Yak was the first presented to Healer but proved to be so ungovernable.
So soon after Spat was dispatched to Healer 
to bring some kind of order to the situation.

Order had never really came along but at least when people 
admired something that Healer was wearing or 
had she the Healer could not give them away with the all seeing predators.

Predators always recognize each other!

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